Gym 41 is committed to fostering a welcoming environment - one that is equitable, diverse and inclusive. By entering the Gym 41 you agree to abide by the Code of Conduct:

1. Appropriate clothing will be worn in accordance with the posted dress code.

2. Equipment must not be removed from Gym 41.

3. Backpack must be placed and secured in the dedicated spaces.

4. Video recording, picture taking and phone calls are not permitted.

5. Unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated, including foul and abusive language, personal or sexual harassment, physical violence or threats of physical violence, or willfully damaging property and / or equipment.

6. Gym 41 is shared space - please be respectful and aware of your impact on others.

7. Wipe down equipment after use and return equipment to where it belongs.

8. Report injuries, damage to equipment or other concerns promptly to the Trainers

9. Allow others to work through when performing multiple sets of any equipment.


Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct could result in suspension or permanent loss of membership privileges.



In order to maintain a healthy, safe environment in Gym 41, anyone not following the dress code will be asked to comply or leave.

All patrons must wear attire that covers their abdomen, chest and gluteal fold.

No open-toed shoes, sandals or dress shoes.

Bare feet is allowed only on weightlifting platforms for deadlifts squats or related lifts.

Shirts cannot be mesh or see-through.

No jeans.